My cats

Snowball disappeared on 20 May 1999.  I can only hope someone kittynapped him and he is still alive and well, wherever he may be.

Pixel died of complications of renal failure on 6 April 2009.  Rosie never made it out of a cancer surgery in 2010.  Ash succumbed to a different (and very aggressive) cancer in September 2012, after losing his front left arm to it in 2011 (this gave him another year of very good life before it came back though).  I have new clowder of kitties now, sort of accidentally adopted after a too-long fostering of some kittens from the local humane society, but they are not (yet?) on this page.

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aands.jpg (15582 bytes)
Ashke and Snowball snooze on the couch. 
roschair1.jpg (34861 bytes)
Rosie steals my chair.
(The flash made her pupils disappear.) 
pix0.jpg (33237 bytes)
pixball.jpg (20440 bytes)
Pixel with toy. 
pixchair1.jpg (20619 bytes)
Rosie's not the only chair stealer. 
prchair.jpg (38722 bytes)
They really do prefer my chair! 
pixtree.jpg (84194 bytes)
Pixel in the bottlebrush tree. 

5 June 2003: Ashke on dining room table, with mysterious eye reflection (no thumbnail) (Warning: big file, 550KB)

17 Dec 2007: Video (.mov file) of Pixel doing her thing (486KB)

Sep 1996 - 6 Apr 2009
My special baby
you have gone where I cannot follow ... yet