Lake Merrit, Oakland

Lake Merritt, in Oakland, is a popular stop for waterfowl on the Pacific Flyway. 

More on Lake Merrit Nature Center & Wildlife Refuge.

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thumbnail: lake0.jpg (23483 bytes) Lake Merritt in the evening light.
thumbnail: ducks0.jpg (49448 bytes) thumbnail: ducks1.jpg (37624 bytes) In the winter, the lake is full of colorful ducks.
The redheads are male canvasbacks.
See if you can spot the two ducks diving in the right-hand picture.
thumbnail: coots.jpg (22847 bytes) These gray guys with dark spots on the end of their bills are coots.
thumbnail: island0.jpg (44545 bytes) thumbnail: island1.jpg (52346 bytes) There is an island (actually one of several) near the visitor center.
It appears to be popular with the night herons.
thumbnail: heron.jpg (22878 bytes) Closeup of a black-crowned night heron.
thumbnail: whitebirds.jpg (14447 bytes) thumbnail: pelican.jpg (18474 bytes) thumbnail: swan.jpg (12162 bytes) You can find swans and pelicans here too.
thumbnail: goose0.jpg (59075 bytes) thumbnail: goose1.jpg (45084 bytes) Canada geese are everywhere too.
They tend to get a bit aggressive looking for food.
thumbnail: lake1.jpg (26792 bytes) thumbnail: lake2.jpg (29909 bytes) thumbnail: lake3.jpg (23730 bytes) More lake scenes.
The weird structure at the right of the last
picture is actually a protective area of some kind.

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