Bryce Canyon National Park

32bryce.jpg (23833 bytes)
An evening view of  Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is not really a canyon at all.  Like Cedar Breaks, it is an amphitheater -- or in this case, perhaps a `series of amphitheaters' would be a better description.  I had originally planned to stay overnight here, but changed my mind when I saw thunderstorms headed for the area.  This was probably a wise decision as the overnight temperatures (posted on a board at the visitor's center) the next day were, well, let me just say `below the ones I like', and it had indeed rained (and was still sprinkling).

The whole area is amazingly scenic.  It may not be that easy to take great pictures here, but it is hard to take really bad ones.

I took a lot of pictures here.  It has been a few years, though, and I have forgotten exactly where each one was and cannot really write a good description for them.  The thumbnails do not show much, so instead, here is a simple list of the pictures and what I do remember, if anything.  I do remember that the Wall Street path was closed, so none of these are views from there.

01bryce.jpg - view down into part of the amphitheater, several trees near foreground
02bryce.jpg - view across amphitheater to plateau in distance
03bryce.jpg - view on a path towards the bottom
04bryce.jpg - view up, from same path
05bryce.jpg - same balanced rock as in evening view, but still in sunlight (compare with above)
06bryce.jpg - bottom of path, some people walking
07brycebridge.jpg - natural bridge
08brycerocks.jpg - what it says
09bryce.jpg - trees, rock, sky
10bryce.jpg - nice view of trees
11bryce.jpg - interesting rock formation - looks like a cartoon dog head or something, to me
12bryce.jpg - interesting hoodoos
13bryce.jpg - pretty picture
14bryce.jpg - pretty picture
15bryce.jpg - dramatic light, nice picture
18bryce.jpg - overhanging rock, people; can see scale
19bryce.jpg - hoodoos that look like standing stones
29bryce.jpg - very red
30bryce.jpg - dramatic evening light - one of my favorites
32bryce.jpg - the one at the top of this page; one of my favorites
33bryce.jpg - windows
35bryce.jpg - evening light softens the hoodoos, somehow

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