This is sort of a placeholder, until I put more in it.

I used to own a house in El Cerrito, a town across the bay from San Francisco, just north of Berkeley.  It had a nice view of Mt Tam directly across the bay.  (Another view of Mt Tamalpais.)  On clear days you can also see part of the Golden Gate Bridge, with Fort Point nestled underneath.

I sold that house and bought one in Salt Lake City.  Things are quite different here -- for instance, there are high mountains (rising from my home's elevation, 4380 ft above sea level, up to elevations in the eight to ten thousand ft ASL range) just a few miles away.  One thing that is not changed, of course, is that I live near a major fault line.  Now instead of being in danger from the Hayward Fault, I have to worry about a large quake on the Wasatch Fault.

Part of my back yard. The pyracantha berries come out when the rain picks up.
Bottlebrush tree. The kitchen window opens right above the tree.
Front yard. That is Snowball on the sidewalk.
Birds of Paradise. A closeup of some of the landscaping.

I have three cats.

I used to work for Berkeley Software Design Inc., mostly writing OS code for SPARC systems.  BSDi got split up and part of it was sold to Wind River Systems, so now I write OS code for Wind River.

12kevfam.jpg (26809 bytes) I have two brothers, but I only have pictures of the younger one, and his wife and kids.

Here is one of Kevin, Becky, and AJ, and me, my dad, and my dad's wife.  As you can see from the (same) background as the above picture, these were taken in the same place, at Becky's mother-and-stepdad's place in the Salt Lake City area.

seanandaj.jpg (99737 bytes) Christmas morning (25 Dec 2003) photo of Sean and AJ.

Bob_the_Builder_AJ.jpg (52796 bytes)AJ's 2004 Halloween costume

Seaman_Sean-s.jpg (22054 bytes)Sean's 2004 Halloween costume

On my off days I like to go hiking (as you might guess from the pictures in the other areas).