New Zealand Pictures - Lake Wanaka, Mt Aspiring areas

Copyright © 2003, 2007 Chris Torek.

Velvia 50 film.

Frames 1-9 are from the Mount Iron Track, a continuation of several on the previous roll.  Frame 10 is a cat who came to visit.

Frames 11-33 are from the valley through which the Matukituki River flows, in Mount Aspiring National Park.  Frames 13 and 14 are a bridge across the river (I have no idea who the person on the bridge is, just someone coming the other way from the way we were going).  Frame 15 shows the funky color (er, colour) of the river due to ‘glacial flour’ in it.  Frame 16 is, I think, a view of the Rob Roy glacier, and is where my friend and I split up: he went up the Rob Roy Track and I stayed down in the valley, heading towards the Mount Aspiring Hut.  (Frames 22 and 23 are the same falls; I must have realized that 22 was a little overexposed when I took it.  Frame 24 would be better if the water were more still and/or I had had a split-scene neutral density filter, but one takes what one can get.)  Frame 26 is a closeup of some plant (no idea what).

Update from Donn: the plant is probably common mullein (Verbascum thapsus), a weed native to Asia and now common throughout the world.

Frame 27 was an attempt to photograph one of the magpies that were hanging around in the valley, but they were a little too wary and moving to get a good shot.  Frames 31-33 are of a tiny but cute little bird who held still long enough for me to get close enough to get these (31 has camera-shake blur, 32 and 33 are OK though).  I think he was not that far from the Raspberry Flat parking area, although I do not have that in my notes.

Update from Donn: the bird is a male South Island tomtit (Petroica macrocephala macrocephala), also known as a ngirungiru.

Frames 34 and 35 are Wishbone Falls, just off the side of the road to Raspberry Flat.  Frame 36 is a shot of what I hope is Mount Aspiring itself, taken at a point in the road where it was finally visible as the clouds thinned out.

Update from Donn: this is actually Avalanche Peak.

As usual, click on any image for full size version.  Frames 15 and 24 are my favorites.