Black Lives Matter

Yes, I know I haven't updated this web site in forever. I have been far too busy. But this is important. Our society needs to change. Now, back to the old static web site.

me-200405-small.jpg (10386 bytes) Me, in my back yard (self photo using the remote, image date approximately 20 May 2004).

The earlier photos in here were taken with a cheap automatic camera.  I also lacked a scanner, so I used the JPG files that came with Kodak's ‘one print and a floppy’ processing.  In a few cases, where a thumbnail turned to mush, I cropped out a small bit of the full-size picture instead.  All the uniformly 600x400 (or 400x600) pictures are via Kodak.

I  finally reorganized the ‘places’ (now Trips) pages.  These tend to be quite image-heavy.  I try to reduce the page load times by using small (or even tiny) pictures as links to bigger ones.  Often a page starts with a big picture; in a few cases, the page consists mainly of full-size pictures.  Here the full-size pictures are links to themselves, mainly for Lynx (which just shows the ALT tags).  Some newer pages have an index map.  At some point I may re-reorganize these and put up only the good pictures, instead of every slide.  In any case, feel free to ‘click through’ to the larger versions, or not, at whim.

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My special baby kitty is gone. Here is a tribute ... I may work on this more later.

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